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Parents & carers

Bringing up children is challenging, and when you are worried about your child's wellbeing or behaviour it can easily start to feel overwhelming. Having a supportive and confidential space to think about and reflect on current difficulties can be really beneficial.


Before commencing one-to-one therapy with your child or teen I will invite you to talk in

depth with me about your concerns. This can be in person or online to suit your needs.

Check-in and support sessions will be available for you alongside the one-to-one therapy with your child. The frequency, duration and content of these sessions will depend on your and your child's particular needs.


As a certified parent-child attachment play (PCAP) practitioner, I can also offer a bespoke programme to help strengthen the relationship between yourself and your child (3-15+) through dedicated weekly play times. We will practice helpful new skills together before you try them at home with your child. This work can precede one-to-one work with your child or be offered as stand-alone support.

Father and Daughter
Mother and Sons
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